Multi-cap funds; The best investment option in the current situation

Multi-cap funds; The best investment option in the current situation

Under the multi-cap scheme, long-term investors will be able to invest with the main objective of increasing capital and creating a large amount of wealth.
Indian investors can take full advantage of the fact that the Indian economy is set to grow rapidly over the next 20 years under the Multi-Cap Scheme.
Today if we see ,
Big things are happening in companies of all sizes and therefore Multi-Cap funds will play a major role here.

Feature :

  • Multi-cap scheme involves investment of at least 25% in large cap, mid cap and small cap.
  • The fund manager thinks that a multi-cap fund would be a good option for investors during this period.

Companies of different sizes are creating different investment opportunities in the stock market, including these investment opportunities in different capitalizations. Large caps, large caps, mid caps and small caps are all seen as big developments in the company. In such a scenario, the fund manager thinks that a multi-cap fund would be a good option for investors as it is the best option in this period.

Under the multi-cap scheme, SEBI has mandated to invest at least 25% in large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap schemes.

The Corona period in 2020 created a major setback for the Indian economy at the global level but due to the decisions taken by the Central Government, the economy grew rapidly.Prime Minister Narendra Modi took many bold decisions. It directly benefited the Indian economy and the stock market. There was a huge increase in the turnover of the company of various sizes. By 2030, the Indian economy is expected to grow from 2.8 trillion to 6 trillion. Indian fund managers have always shown the ability to select the right companies for which there is a huge increase in profits for companies of all sizes. To grab opportunities and take advantage fund managers from various from various fund houses have come up with investment options to take advantage of this opportunity and are launching new funds in Multi-Cap category.

Globally, the Indian economy was once 35%, which has now come down to 3%, and is on track to grow to 10% again in the next 20 years. In March, the index fell from 42,000 to 25,000 due to the corona, but due to proper government decisions and planning by Indian industrialists, the index reached 62,000 today in the next 18 months.

Under the multi-cap scheme, large-cap stable areas e.g. Banks, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Auto etc. Fast growing in medium sized areas e.g. Pharma, Auto Ancillary, NBFC, Micro Growth Potential
E.g. Consumer durable, textile, chemical etc. Mutual fund managers are thinking that this will create huge investment opportunities in various sectors, such opportunities will create huge benefits. The right advice is important for your investment decision, so the help of the right advisor is always helpful.

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