Flexi-cap funds reach Rs 35k -cr inflow in 2022

The newly-launched flexi-cap class — which calls for mutual funds price range to make investments at the least 65 % of the corpus in fairness with none restrictions on investing in big, mid or small-cap stock — registered a net inflow of Rs 35,877 Cr in 2021-22

This become the best and highest net inflow in the various equity categories, information from the Association of Mutual funds in India (Amfi) confirmed.

Because the creation of the flexi-cap class by capital markets regulator Sebi in Nov 2020, many asset control corporations (AMCs) that had realigned their current funds into the flexi-cap category have new released multi-cap funds, at the same time as those AMCs that had retained their funds inside the multi-cap category have began flexi-cap funds, consistent with Morningstar India.

Of the Rs 35,87 Cr, flexi-cap funds budget noticed a net inflow of Rs 2,478 Cr within the 3 months ended on June 2021, Rs 18,258 crore for the quarter ended Sept 2021, Rs 6,191 Cr for the quarter ended Dec 2021 and Rs 8,950 Cr for 3 months ended March 2022.

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At the same time as large-cap funds experienced a net inflow of Rs 16,569 Cr for the complete 2021-22, inflow for mid-cap funds stood at Rs 16,308 Cr and the similar for small-cap funds changed into at Rs 10,145 Cr.

Apart from those, the multi-cap fund category witnessed a net inflow of Rs 28095 Cr and sectoral section saw a net inflow  of Rs 27,182 Cr at some stage in the particular period under review.

At the AUM front, the flexi-cap category has amassed property of Rs 2,25,430 Cr on the end of March 2022 via new realignment of finances and new fund launches.

“The flexi-cap category now has 17% of the overall property of open-give up equity funds,” Morningstar India stated.

At the final area, it had controlled to surpass the poperty within the large-cap finance category and take the first spot in phrases of maximum belongings below management (AUM), but at the quarter ended March 2022, its rank fell returned to 2nd.

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