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Candy cane shortage in the U.S.A for Christmas 2021:

Candy cane shortage in the U.S.A for Christmas 2021: 


Peppermint candy is harder to find ahead of Christmas occasion. peppermint shortage taking another bite out of holiday traditions nowadays.

As we all reach the 2-year mark of the pandemic COVID-19, more items are becoming less because of global supply chain disruptions such as observed congestion at ports and shortages of trucks due to truck drivers and service workers.

Now This year, there is a long shortage of candy canes in this Christmas year it has made shortages next to cream cheese.

The New York Post reported that a New York candy store had received less inventory than last year’s holiday season. And also the New York candy store has gone out of the classic holiday treat.


  • The shortage is down to several issues –Due to low peppermint harvest and the ongoing pandemic.
  • According to the US Department of Agriculture, peppermint production has seen a major decline in last recent years and the candy cane shortage has been further impacted this Christmas by pandemic-caused logistics.
  • Many Stores have also reported a shortage of other things such as Christmas trees and gingerbread houses.



Mitchell Cohen, the owner of Economy Candy in New York City, said that they sold more than 12,000 candy canes before the shortage of candy cane run out of supply.

Speaking to The New York Post, Cohen said: “It was a first as the store, which has been in business since 1937. And he said We have only received half of our candy cane order for this Christmas holiday season and sold out fastest immediately without requiring much time. We currently have zero in stock with us. Raw material and ingredients shortages globally have had quite an impact on this Christmas season”

The store owner continued speaking: “Since the candy canes were invented, we’ve had candy canes supply at high quantity.”

As per the report, other shop owners too had the same mixed responses to the shortage of candy cane. Some have joined in Mitchell Cohen’s comments and said that they have also been affected a lot, while other retailers reported that they too have faced the challenge of plenty of candy cane to go before the Christmas season.

The Economy Candy of New york specifies in a few words that the craze of peppermint-flavored candy canes are not only the people suffering. But also The sweet boutique too which had sold out early of both of its kale and ham flavored candy canes.



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